Bajaj RE is a name deeply inscribed in every Indian’s heart. After all, it has been a tried and trusted companion since 50 years. By being world’s largest manufacturer of 3 wheelers and the largest exporter of 3 wheelers in India, it has been the highest employment generator. Other than India, the brand enjoys a strong presence across 36 countries.

Bajaj RE offers an extensive product portfolio of vehicles, compatible with all fuel types – Petrol, LPG, CNG, Diesel and for all categories – small, medium & big. With such a wide range of products, Bajaj RE is continuously exploring new dimensions to enhance its products and make public transportation easy.


At Bajaj RE we believe in manufacturing vehicles which deliver superior performance. That’s why our products give best in-class mileage, negligible maintenance and come with service assurance. Also, our products are specially made to keep the environment clean, which is why RE vehicles are lowest on harmful emission in its category. All of these coupled with high income, makes RE a stronger performer.


Since 1961 it has changed the way millions of Indians travel, touching their lives every single day. Today Bajaj has over 50 lakh vehicles plying on Indian roads empowering millions of families to earn their livelihood & “Respect ” in the society.


Value when you Buy – Low acquisition cost and easy availability of finance schemes makes owning RE a good investment.

Value when you Drive – With highest mileage in its category and almost negligible maintenance cost an RE becomes your biggest saving companion.

Value when you Sell – Along with guaranteed handsome returns when you drive, an RE also gives you great value when you sell it.


Very easy to drive from day 1, with no exceptional driving skills—enabling millions of individual coming from small town to start their livelihood from Day 1. Also simple technology – Easy to upkeep ensures vehicle is always on the move.